Nyken Torstaiklubi 14.04.2011: Fudge Flounders + Call Me James


”Our kick off was the summer of 2009. Being old friends, we wanted to base a side project for having fun, but after our first gigs we found out that this is the thing for us. Every guy had a lot to offer which created the base of our kinda fresh sound. We play with passion and if someone can get a kick out of us, we’ve succeeded.”

Elmo Rautiainen, bass and vocals
Joni Rajamäki, guitar and backing vocals
Anssi Järvensivu, drums
Ville Sirkiä, guitar



”Sergei and Sami started their first band project back in the year 00′. Since then Sergei and Sami have developed an unique style of playing together while playing in several different bands for more than eight years. Finally in the summer 2009 the group Call me James was founded after a long search for a good enough singer. This time it was decided to last instead of just a try.

All members of the Call me James, Nelli, Sergei, Sami and Ippi shared the same musical views and ambitions, as well as the same level of skill and talent. The sound of the band was formed naturally by the band, as more and more songs where writen while jamming and having inspirationstorms. Also the guitarist of the band, Sergei, wrote some lyrics with the singer Nelli, so quickly we were ready to show everyone what we’ve got. The first true showoff was in the Porvoo bandcontest. The contest went brilliant as Call me James climbed all the way up to be the best band! Soon after winning the contest, the band went to the studio to record their latest hits with the help of the professional mixer and recorder Ilkka.

So please; enjoy the fruits of our groove!”


Fudge Flounders - Call Me James 14.4.2011