Syyskuun 16. on Bar Sohon lavalla Helsingin klubeilla ahkerasti keikkaileva folkhenkinen Kanerva & Sähköpoikabändi. Samana iltana Nuori Robert eli Roope Palomäki basisteineen ilahduttaa pitkästä aikaa paikallisia kuulijoitaan.

Kanerva & Sähköpoikabändi:

Kanerva Pasanen on helsinkiläinen lauluntekijä, jonka lahjakas sähköpoikabändi on ollut kasassa joulusta 2008. Kanerva yhtyeineen fuusioi musiikkiinsa tuoreella tavalla tarinankerrontaa, roots-väriä, pop-sävyjä, pellonlaitaa, reggae-takapotkuja ja akustista lauluntekijäperinnettä. Mitchellin ”Hejira” meets J. Karjalainen. sanat ja sävellykset, laulu & kitara: Kanerva Pasanen kitara: Joonas Saikkonen basso: Eero Tikkanen rummut: Lauri Alhojärvi

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Lue lisää: http://www.myspace.com/kanervan

Nuori Robert:

I used to play drums, at first.. well, basically I had been noodling with guitars since I was born or so, but drums… first. Alive I & II, A Night at the Opera, Misfits, S.O.D., D.R.I., all that went on maybe five years or so, first in my room, then in our living room (thanks, Dad) and so on… the band did some shows, songs kept getting faster and faster and finally it broke up due to musical differences 🙂

After that I started engineering bands live & studio, lasted about ten years or so, and on the side me and some friends formed this band called Edrian Sun Cycle in 1996 (or so), played 6-7 years, released one ep (if you want a copy let me know, I’ve got shitloads left) , played a bunch of super rawkin’ shows in southern Finland and broke up just in time before that kind of basic stuff was starting to get some recognition.. ”Fable” is here from those days, recorded live maybe 2000 or 2001…

So maybe a year before Edrian broke up I had started writing songs with acoustic guitar and other old peoples gear… there’s two songs uploaded here from total of about 40 that are still waiting to be taped… it’s getting crowded in my head but I manage (just) to remember them all.

I play Finnish Noso-guitars from the 40’s and 50’s, Martin 00015S, Mohan Veena, Radha Krishna Sharma Sitar, pump organ and all kinds of stuff.. all of them equally poorly! 🙂

Drumming continues still, nowadays for the legendary Mummypowder, go check out mummypowder.com for more details as well as Final Assault for more brutal action..

Peace, R

Lue lisää: http://www.myspace.com/nuorirobert