Nyken Torstaiklubi 14.10.2010: MOTHER GOOSE, ANTTI AUTIO TRIO, AINOVENNA

MotherGoose Antti Autio Trio Ainovenna by NiciMother Goose 20 years.

The rehersal room hasn’t been my living room for a long time now. I have a living room.
I’m sitting still in my armchair. I want to keep making music for years. Like I made today.
I’m sitting at the window, teacup in hand, looking at the view, the mountain, the fog… Holy Fuji!

Youth is a hard time and a rich time. You feel noticed, you’re beautiful, skilful, gifted. But soon you find out you’re over, almost forgotten, and not at all loved. A few brave ones have loved Mother Goose. Thanks! You have no idea how much you have meant to us. Check out our other musical projects, on MySpace, of course!

Did you know we are not at all fed up…


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