Nyken Torstaiklubi 25.11.2010: SIBERIAN LUUMUPUITA, TAIKAÖITÄ

Jari Loisa is a singer/songwriter, musician and photographer. Loisa’s career actually started in 1978, in a group called SISTER. Sister released their only album ”Casino” with some songs by Jari Loisa (Sister’s bassplayer).

Siberia was founded in the early 80’s by Paavo Kaihola ( drums ), Jari loisa ( bass,voc ) and Jari Yliaho ( guit, voc ). The band was on the road for almost four years, and after their second album ” Valkoinen Vankila ”Siberia decided to stop touring and recoring. It took allmost nine years to release new material, and their album ” Railo ” was published in 1995.

Loisa’s First soloalbum “Kun muut ovat menneet” was released in1986. An album called “Hämärän sylissä” followed in 1987 and an album called Luumupuu came out in 1991.